About Us

Flexibility, responsiveness and effectiveness 

BEXIM is Istanbul-based Turkish company with a 12 years of international business experience that included purchasing and sales of following commodities

Since 2007, our company is specialized in the trading and sourcing of steel products in International area. We offer a range of products such as hot rolled reinforcing steel bars and steel billet. Our products comply with European and international standards. We offer customized solutions for the lengths and diameters of our products. We work in tight production with certified production plants in Europe and Turkey, with which we negotiate monthly the purchase in large quantity in order to optimize a consistent margin on the raw material. Our geographical position in Turkey and our sales offices allow us to expand our international exchanges in North Africa and the Middle East. Dynamic and motivated, our technical, sales and logistics teams work closely together to get you the best prices on the market.

During the past 12 years, we have established the right connections with the producers and suppliers in order to meet our customer’s requirements at all stages. However we take part as agent between producers and customers for some commodities sale; BEXIM acts as end seller on sale of Metal products which allow the customer to pay by more secured payment term,

We are dedicated to deliver a top quality service to our customers every time with our team of highly skilled professionals on supplying, transporting and shipping the orders on time. With this approach, we have associated with the best freight forwarders, shipping companies, as well as commodity insurance companies to complete the cycle of trading with comfort for our customers.

BEXIM is committed for successful and sustained growth for the benefit of all sides which are involved into the business; and with this approach, it undertakes to keep the rights of business partners, customers, suppliers and colleagues as well as itself.